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Learn how Teacher Turned Trainer came into fruition!

My name is Taryn Tyler and I am the founder of Teacher Turned Trainer

I was an elementary education teacher by trade, but I have had a strong passion for dogs my entire life. I’ve had the privilege of owning 3 different dogs in my adult life, and my goal is to take the special knowledge I’ve learned from each of them and apply it to all my clients.

Lefty- This lovable boy was the first dog my husband and I owned together. And even though he passed away way too young, he showed me the type of big lug, dopey boy who just needs some basic direction and obedience.

Sinclair- You could call Sinclair my “soul dog”. I rescued him at a time when I really needed a companion and I have learned the most from him in return. Sinco has taught me that all dogs need extra love and compassion and just need to be shown that the world isn’t such a scary place.

Glenda- Our first ever Great Dane, and what a joy it has been to learn about their personalities. This girl shows me how important it is to know what motivates a dog and how to get them excited.

Not only do I bring my passion for animals to the table, but I also bring my experience and practice. I am certified through the Victoria Stillwell Academy and practice positive reinforcement training with all my clients. I strongly believe that all my interactions should be rooted in positivity and love instead of fear and negativity. It is an honor and a privilege to be trusted with the care and training of a dog. I hope you’ll reach out soon to book your consultation or package with Teacher Turned Trainer.

WhyChoose Positive Reinforcement Training?

Positive reinforcement is a very powerful tool to shape or change your dog’s behavior long term because they associate those behaviors with positivity. When you reward your dog for a desired behavior, they are more likely to repeat that behavior. A reward can be anything like a treat, toy, or even just some pets. Positive reinforcement is all about earning the good stuff and also teaches your dog to love training.

Want to see your pup in graduation attire?

Each Teacher Turned Trainer package comes with a complimentary graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the last session. Graduation includes professional grade photos and a personalized graduation certificate.


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